Church Architecture – Funding, Design, Build

Church architecture projects require a set of specialist skills as well as knowledge of the unique administrative procedures for dealing with ecclesiastic exemptions.

Our expertise and understanding of church architecture and traditional buildings enables us to provide unique and cost effective solutions for churches of any size or denomination. We can help your church navigate the challenges of planning, fundraising, approvals and construction.

We will work with you to understand your church’s vision and mission – what God is doing in your church and what He is calling you to become.

Starting Your Church Architecture Project

Many architects take an approach which is essentially “tell me what you want to build and we’ll design it”. Such an approach does not account for fundamental questions that church leaders have. Often they will embark on the process with an architect, hoping that as they go along their questions will be answered. They want to know “how much will it cost?” and the architect responds “we don’t know until we design it”. Leaders then feel locked into a design process to get answers rather than getting answers about affordability which will then inform the design as it is developed.

Are you considering a re-ordering?

If you are in the early stages of considering improvements for your church, we would suggest a feasibility study to develop your ideas and ensure they will achieve your needs, before making a large financial investment.

The feasibility study may include:

  • An analysis of your church’s use
  • An assessment of the current facilities
  • Details of statutory constraints
  • An analysis of unique opportunities and potential threats that may impact the development
  • An outline time frame for the project through to completion
  • Details of other consultants that may be needed (structural engineers, lighting or acoustic designers, etc.)
  • Funding sources
  • A budget estimate for the build cost

Other questions we will consider may include:

  • Should we build a new addition or relocation?
  • Do we need more space or can our building be reconfigured to meet our needs?
  • What can we afford to build?
  • How do we lead our church through the construction phase?

Perhaps you have another question specific to your church? We would love to meet up with you to discuss your church’s situation.