Customer Focused

At MOAT Studio it is our aim to adapt and design buildings for businesses which seamlessly support customers in every corner, at every touch point and across every channel of the available space.


Tired, heavy fixtures can often appear overwhelming and visually stressful to a workforce and their customers. Minimising and simplifying working spaces is what we do. By adding unique features such as linear graphics provide a fuss-free framework for businesses and retailers who often offer many services under one brand.

While simplifying the workforce and customer experience, we also work closely with artists, sculptors and constructors in order to provide your business with a unique visual feature – sympathetically added to reflect your company’s individual ethos.

New builds

MOAT Studio has a broad spectrum of design specialisms, in particular in business building design and construction. Whatever your business type, our partners will provide a range of solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

Personalised image

We work with many clients from the same sectors, however each client is treated individually, albeit with the same degree of passion, to produce exciting, high quality environments which inherently reflect your company brand.


At MOAT Studio we specialise in Retail, Office and Restaurant projects. Please click on the links for more information.