How We Work

How we work

Collaboration is a guiding force at MOAT. We believe that the best results stem from working with our clients as partners in the design process. We also believe in being up-front with what you can expect which is why we have provided the following example of a general MOAT Project:

1. Design Consultation

All projects start with a meeting, ideally at your building or site. We will discuss your ideas, need, budget and the next steps to deliver your project.

2. Feasibility Study

We will help to define your brief to ensure all needs can be met within your budget, or that your development project will be profitable. We will produce a feasibility report, sketch floor plans and a very approximate cost estimate

3. Concept Design

We will build on the work at feasibility stage, to develop the design of your building, extruding the two dimensional plans into a three dimensional building model.

4. Planning Permission

The whole design will be firmed up. Materials for the main building components will be specified and we will submit the drawings along with supporting documents to your local authority for planning permission, listed building consent, etc.

5. Building Regulations

Previous stages have mainly dealt with the design and appearance of the building. The building regulations application is the first stage that details how the building will be constructed. All major components will be specified and the main construction details will be drawn.

6. Pre-Construction

We will develop the design drawings into a full set of construction drawings. We will also produce detailed schedules, specifications and bills of quantities. We will use this information to obtain competitive costs from contractors and negotiate with those contractors to obtain the best deal for you.

7. Construction

We ensure the job is done on time and on budget as promised. We offer a range of on site support services, from site inspections to project management.

8. Completion

The completed and cleaned building will be handed over to you once substantially finished. Minor issues will be addressed and we will remain available to answer any questions or concerns.