As the workforce become more flexible, design needs to reflect this. This means that the workplace as we once knew it is on the change.

MOAT Studio facilitates flexible working spaces that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different team sizes. This is especially important for businesses that work on an agile or project basis, like ours!

Adaptable spaces that can be used for ad-hoc meetings, work that requires concentration and or spaces where employees can simply relax over a cup of coffee are becoming increasingly popular. No space is wasted, but utilised and has a combination of uses, from executive boardroom to team-building table-tennis tournament arena.


Workers are generally spending less time at their desks than ever before. As a result, designing effective and comfortable in-between spaces within an office environment is growing in importance and has become a key component of any new office.

Your office space, albeit finite to a certain degree, can be flexible enough to change in size depending on your business’ needs. We match your staffs’ communication requirements to the size and scale of your business, in places incorporating interactive communication to bring staff teams together, not just by email or cloud sharing.


A happy worker is an invaluable asset to your business. Happiness brings many benefits including improved health, efficiency and clear thinking.

Allowing as much light into a workspace, within reason, is one of the simplest design concepts to adopt when either adapting or designing a new office space.

Our service includes tailored consultation to help your business to get the best out of your workforce, for instance considering the addition of reclaimed solar heated shower facilities for your zero-carbon heroes.